Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all aspects of business carried out by the BM Gates and Automation Ltd (BMG).


1 – Estimates are based upon works carried out during normal office hours unless otherwise stated. Works outside these hours are subject to a levy.

2 – Estimates and recommendations offered by BMG are done so based upon our representatives assessment of the customer’s needs, with the needs of the end user/s allowed for where possible. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that all requirements are included in the estimate.

3 – Estimates and quotations are valid for a period of three months unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4 – Estimates only include the work specified, and any additional work or parts required will be charged as extra to the estimated price.

5 – BMG reserves the right to use approved subcontractors for all or any part of the works.

6 – No responsibility for un-foreseen circumstances or obstruction can be accepted by BMG or its subcontractors.


7 – It is and shall remain the responsibility of the customer to advise BMG of the whereabouts of any underground or hidden service routes. BMG will not be held responsible for the consequences and costs arising from damage or injury resulting from any work carried out on the site, howsoever caused.

8 – Should a structural engineer or other professional body be required in any way, all values associated with this are to be met directly by the customer and are otherwise regarded as extra over to any offer made.

9 – BMG will not accept responsibility for any consequential damage or repairs necessary following the flooding of any part of an installation or component thereof. It is the responsibility for the owner to ensure adequate drainage.


10 – All quotes are based on clear, unimpeded access of the area of works.

11 – All values given against works to be carried out on site, assume onsite parking for BMG vehicles local to the opening/works. Any parking charges will be passed on to the customer.

12 – Foliage or vegetation of any sort is and shall remain the responsibility of the customer; therefore, BMG does not accept liability for any consequential effect or damage.

13 – Any existing items used or re-used by BMG are done so in good faith and shall always remain the responsibility of the customer.

14 – Under no circumstances will BMG accept responsibility for the inherent problems experienced with the use of timber products.

15 – Earth Leakage Circuit Protection (RCCD) is always recommended at the consumer unit end of each mains supply run.


16 – Important Notice: BM gates and Automation Ltd will not accept any consequential liability, or responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any injury or claim, howsoever arising, as a result of the customer’s failure to carry out any safety recommendations made by BMG.

17 – All ducting and conduit runs carried out by the customer or 3rd parties, for BMG use, must be of a suitable size, allow for sweep bends, no elbows, adequate pull cords and must have an adequate number of access points or inspection pits every 50m minimum.


18 – All and any existing items used or re-used, will remain the responsibility of the customer. Any inspection, test or comments made by BMG are given in good faith.

19 – All repairs carried out by BMG, are done so in good faith and can be viewed as temporary repair,  if this is the case the customer will be informed and quotation will follow.

20 – Any repairs that require major works likely to exceed a value of £1000 net, will require authorisation by the customer BEFORE the works are carried out.


21 – The customer is to be responsible for advising BMG of any special site conditions, access or parking restrictions, training, special clothing requirements (PPE) and any restriction of working due to Trade Union agreements.


23 – During the installation or period of works, all parts installed or left on site become the responsibility of the customer: You are therefore advised to check your insurance cover.


24 – Terms of Payment : 50% Deposit with order, Balance in full upon completion


If an additional site visit is necessary to hand over or commission setup, extra charge will be made at our current service rate.

25 – BMG reserves the right to add interest to any outstanding account not settled within 30 days of the date of invoice, at an annual rate of 8% on monies outstanding.

26 – All orders placed and subsequently cancelled by the customer must be advised in writing to BM Gates and Automation Ltd.

27 – All orders placed and cancelled by a customer will carry a cancellation charge of no less than 30% of the original agreed sum (unless agreed otherwise in writing by both parties beforehand).

28 – Any orders cancelled with works carried out by us in any shape or form, will be committed to the full cancellation charge of 50%. (deposit used to offset this).

29 – BMG reserves the right to be allowed an extension of time for the completion of any installation should inclement weather, or other condition beyond the direct control of BMG, preventing access to the site or delay of BMG’s fitters carrying out the work.

30 – All parts purchased by BMG will carry the manufacturer’s warranty (back to base).

31 – New products or installations will carry a 12 month warranty, subject to normal wear and tear.

32 – BMG may use photographs of installations for marketing purposes unless requested not to do so by the client in writing.

33 – The contract shall be construed and operated in accordance with the laws of England and proceedings shall be brought in the English courts.

Feb 2013